About the photographers

Noncedo Gxekwa

Reimagining lives through the lens of the camera

Photography is a tool that allows me to access parts of people’s lives and experiences that have been hidden or buried. It is from this place of hidden sadness that I start to imagine a new place that allows for reconciling what is hidden from the past; I bring it to the present and into the future and healing starts to happen. This interaction then becomes a collaboration between the subject and myself, the photographer, where trust and a connection are formed and with that, certain truths are revealed for me as a photographer as well as the subject.

There are many stories that live in the minds of people; each one is valid and needs to be told. I am grateful that most of the people in this book trusted us with their stories and allowed us to share in their memories.

Botswele Mogotlane

I had to unlearn what I knew about the city of Cape Town

I am a photographer, artist and a South African. Born and raised in the dusty areas of Limpopo, photography happens to be a way of self-medicating and a way to express myself when words fail me.

My work concentrates on capturing genuine, bold and unique images across a diversity of cultures. Much of my inspiration comes from the undying beauty of Africa and ubuntu that continuously shape my personal style. My passion is to create art by capturing an experience that reflects through my lens.

The process of creating this book was an eye-opener and the people were very welcoming.

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